Capsule Collection – AW 17-18 – 3D Pixels

When foldings reveal one’s identity – Canella Hostal’s new game for AW17-18 womenswear & menswear shirts capsule collection.
The capsule collection focuses on shirts as Canella Hostal believes that this item is central in any women and men wardrobe. « my objective and challenge was to re-think the shirt all together as practical yet versatile and wearable in various ways » says Canella who applied her design touch on volumes and sophisticated « pliage » aka folding techniques giving life to unexpected technical fabrics.

“Technical fabrics were challenging to fold accordingly to the designs I wanted, it was such a great experience to play this game » says Canella Hostal.
« Each pieces is unique and has its own personality and characteristics”.

To highlight the collection, Canella incorporated « piping finishes » adding a frolic style to each piece.

CAPSULE COLLECTION : 3D Pixels - Canella Hostal