AW15-16 Mosca’Snow – Womenswear

For this season Aw15-16, chic is inspired by beauty & magic of Russia, with Moscow’s winter charm.

“Maroussia was going for a ride with her beloved horse in the Altai Mountains…It was December & a lot of snow has already fallen. She was freezing in the cold wind.
Suddenly Maroussia has lost her way in the fog…Wondering around steep paths, she found a cave of the mountains & sought shelter!

The night was falling & the temperature dropped … The air became so cold!

Fortunately brave girl was wearing a cape wool from Canella Hostal Couture & this beautiful topper kept her warm despite the overwhelming coldness of the mountains.

It took a while, but when the fog finally dissipated, Maroussia rode home and told her family of the mountains adventure.

She thought that she was very lucky, having worn that beautiful wool cape when she went for ride, not only for its creativity, but also the warmth.

Suddenly freezing winter became much more charming & friendly with a fashion that does not compromise beauty & practicality… “

AW15-16 Mosca'Snow - Canella Hostal