Tropical Symphony

The SS17 collection is inspired by lines, stripes, flowers and tropical feelings. The collection proudly called Tropical Symphony.

The flowers and the stripe’s combination is the identity for the collection.

For this upcoming season, we are looking into fluidity, mixing movement, asymmetry and different layers.

Flowers and stripes are quite the opposite of each other:
– A flower reflects  spring and summer and has a delicate touch, flow petals, irregular and smooth  behaviour.
– On the other hand, the stripes are straight to a point with no limits and totally free. “Mixing Flowers and playing with the stripes were very challenging and I loved it ” says CH.

Canella Hostal Couture is following her authentic touch, combining colors such as: Blue, red, white, orange and pink.

CH brand is known for being colorful combining an arrays of colors, daring cuts and the finest finishing details

The inspiration board of the collection
SS17 Tropical Symphony - Canella Hostal